burbanmacro is the result of my endeavors in macro photography.  It’s meant to be both a showcase for the images I’ve captured and a place where I can store and share what I’ve learned.  It’s my honest hope that the sum of my experiences in macro photography will be able to help others that want to join in.

The name burbanmacro is a nod to the fact that a good deal of my photographs are taken in the suburbs.  That, and it sounded better than “suburban macro.”  The fact that I can get most of my images at or close to home is one of the things I love about macro photography–it’s super accessible.  I can shoot in the most mundane locations and no one but me would be the wiser (except for you of course, since I just told you ;)).  It also doesn’t take a whole lot of money to get started.

I’m a newcomer to photography.  So believe me when I say this: I’m no expert.  I’m really just a dude with a camera.  It all started in April, 2012, when I decided to buy a Sony NEX-5N instead a new laptop–best decision ever.  I almost immediately gravitated towards taking pictures of small things and eventually found myself wanting to take picture of insects.  I soon discovered that the kit lens wasn’t really up to the task.  Without knowing much about macro photography and the various optical solutions available, I went straight for a macro lens: a Minolta Rokkor 50mm f/3.5 Macro from ebay.  It honestly took a while to figure out how to use it properly but once I did, everything changed.

Through that lens I discovered a world that, until then, had been invisible to my eyes–the hairs on a blade of grass, the facets of a fly’s compound eyes, the individual grains of pollen on a flower’s stamen–and it amazed me.  I became fascinated with the minute details around me.  So much so that photographing them has become my addiction  And so my aim, with my camera in hand, is to get closer to that tiny tiny world.  Please come with, if you’d like.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please enjoy 🙂

All of the images in my galleries are taken with a Sony NEX-5N. 

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