What izzzzzzzzz this?!?

Vivitar Series 1 105mm f/2.5 Macro

1/160 sec.


My method for finding insects to photograph relies on not looking–as odd as that may sound.  I open my eyes, but look at nothing and let my eyes spot movement.  It takes a fair bit of luck and patience to find a subject that I want to photograph.

I got lucky the other day and spotted the odd looking critter that makes up the majority of today’s set.  I have absolutely NO idea what it is.  My best guess is that it’s some sort of larva.  Its unfamiliarity and the cool orange racing stripes on its side prompted me to grab a handful of shots.  On looking at the photos for touch-up, I came to the realization that this guy is just ugly.  The orange on its body is very eye-catching, but damn–you’s ugly son.

There is no shortage of flies in my yard, and as much as I try to avoid photographing them too often, sometimes there just isn’t anything else to shoot.  I’m glad I got this one though.  The way its mouth-parts are set it looks like its sitting there with its mouth hanging open–like “daaaahhhh….”  It’s got a really silly character to it.  Not a terribly interesting shot, but I like it nonetheless.

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One thought on “What izzzzzzzzz this?!?

  1. Ladybug larva of some kind—great photos!

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