Back soon I hope

DIY extra-long screw for QR plate

So my Vivitar 105 came in last week, but I haven’t really had a chance to use it.  I got a Fotodiox E-mount to Canon FD adapter to use it with my 5N and just as I was getting ready to test everything I noticed that the darn thing wouldn’t mount correctly on the FD side.  The locking ring on the lens wouldn’t close all the way, so the lens wouldn’t stop down to the apertures I usually shoot at (f/11 to f/13).  I thought it was a defect and I ordered another one–nope, same problem.  So…specification defect?  One week down the drain.

I ended up breaking out my Dremel to the sand down the flanges on the adapters to get them to mount the lens properly (I ruined one of them in the process).  I also used some Gorilla Glue to add some strength to the adapter’s tripod mount.  Fotodiox uses two iiiitty-bitty screws to secure it to the adapter–quite frankly, I don’t trust those tiny screws with being the only things separating my camera from a potentially disastrous encounter with the terra firma.  Twenty-four hours should be plenty of time for the glue to set.

I’m still waiting on a couple other things before I really start shooting in earnest again: my Velbon macro rail, and another Vivitar 2x Macro Teleconverter, but this time in Canon FD mount.  I’ve grown kind of attached to the combination of the long working distance at 1:1 and the ability to push the reproduction ratio past 2:1.  Mo bigga is mo betta.  Everything should be in by Thursday, so I should be able to get some testing in this weekend.  I hope.

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