and another!

salticidae.  have not identified species.

rokkor 100mm f/3.5 macro with 1:1 tube, vivitar 2x macro teleconverter, yn-560 speedlight

Feeding time!  Another salticid, the third one of the day.  I think this one’s a juvenile.  It was so small that I didn’t think it was a spider at first.

It was tough getting shots of this one.  It was in a weird place in the herb garden–on the side of a pot that was behind and between two others, and near the ground.  My usual shooting rig was too long to get a good angle :(.  This particular salticid, maybe because it was feeding, would do an about-face every time I was able to get the camera in front of it.  If you’ve seen Idiocracy, “F you, I’m eating!”  If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do.

I got shots I was happy with, and then decided I’d just watch it for a bit.  Maybe a minute after I stopped shooting an ant started harassing the spider.  It would run up, nip at a leg, and send the spider running.  Over and over again.  I was honestly wondering why the spider didn’t just eat the ant.  I guess that’s just not the way things work…

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