Polistes dominula.  paper wasps.

rokkor 100mm f/3/5 macro with 1:1 tube, vivitar 2x macro teleconverter, yn-560 speedlight

These guys decided that a ledge outside of my bedroom window would be a good place to build a nest.  I was a little worried that they were gonna go crazy and start attacking me when I tried to photograph them, but they actually allowed me to get pretty close to the nest.  I was fully prepared to run back into the house cursing and screaming like a little girl if I agitated them, but thankfully they didn’t seem to care about me.  I’m not saying you should run up to a wasps’ nest and start taking pictures, since there actually is a chance that they’ll all start attacking you if you piss them off.  They’re always flying around in my back yard, and they don’t seem to be aggressive–they seem to be okay with me as long as I don’t provoke them.  I was pleasantly surprised by this–a very big contrast from bees, which seem to like harassing people for the hell of it :P.

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